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I pitched today but idk if I got the win for our team?

Today in an 7 inning game I pitched 3 innings struck out 4 gave up 3 earned runs but my defense gave up 4 more since they couldn't handle ground balls. My coach took me because he said he didn't my defense to wear down my arm for our double header so he put in another kids he pitched 2 innings and gave 3 runs, and the next kid pitched 2 innings did'nt give up any runs. Who gets the win, me, the 2nd kid or the last kid?

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    Your team gave up 10 runs and won? Anyway, it depends on when the other team scores their runs. When you came out were you ahead or behind? If you were ahead, you got the win. If you were behind, someone else did.

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    When did your team take the lead?

    If they took the lead while you were pitching, you get the win IF you were a relief pitcher. As a starter, most rule sets say you must pitch at least four innings of a seven-inning game in order to get the win. Therefore, if you started, and your team took the lead while you pitched, the official scorer decides which of your two relievers pitched most effectively, and gives that pitcher the win.

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    You don't get the win, because you didn't pitch enough innings to qualify. The third pitcher gets the win, because he was the most effective.


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