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I am obsessed with my ex boyfriend? Am I crazy or what? Should I see a doctor?

Background story on this is rather long. I'll try to give you a basic outline.

I have known this guy for about 4 years now. I've kind of had a crush on him ever since I met him. Back in December of 2008, we started going out and we broke up in June of 2009 for reasons that are extremely confusing and intricate and insane. Anyway, I was completely in love with him.First person I've ever been in love with.

I've yet to get over him. I'm think about him every hour of every day and it's honestly starting to become quite a burden. I can't even date other people because I feel lousy dating someone and thinking of him the entire time. This guy is still one of my best friends. I talk to him on a daily basis.

Why am I not over him yet? Do I need to seek professional help?

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    It sounds like you have trouble letting go - seek help before you find yourself parked outside his house with binoculars, cuz thats what can happen-- I'm guessin.....

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    Go see somebody, like a counselor, psychologist, psychiatrist.

    This isn't normal. Do this, before you find yourself in his house, killing him because he isn't yours.

    Yes, it's happened before.

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