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Help with Bleaching! How to mix clairol born blonde creme lightener and clairol developer? Need much help!?

I have dark brown hair(level 3). I wanted my hair to be like a honey brown. So I tried a semi permanent rinse yesterday [June 29]. My hair didn't lighten at all. I now know that i cant lighten with semi permanent. I didn't want anything permanent since I already relax my hair. But now I want to have a small strip of blonde in my bangs or somewhere underneath. So I'll be purchasing Clairol Born Blonde Creme Lightener, and Clairol Professional Premium Creme 40 Volume Dedicated Developer. (is that volume too high or too low?). How much do I mix together, and  what to do with my hair after I rinse the bleach out? Use a special shampoo or conditioner? I won't be visiting a salon just to have one strip of blonde. So I would appreciate all tips and instructions to help me do it on my own. Thank you all!! 


Okay, Now I know that I should get a volume 20 developer. But I need more info. Mix it, apply, wash with a purple shampoo to avoid yellow color, but what else? Use a conditioner?

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    The volume level is too high if you are trying to bleach it with bleach!

    Try to use Volume 20. And if you have recently died your hair a dark color, it wont go any lighter unless you bleach it. Leave it on your hair for only twenty minutes!

    Use a purple shampoo if you are trying to avoid yellow in your hair!

    And mix equal portions of peroxide and your bleach!

    Good Luck!

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    Born Blonde Lightener

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    You can use hydrogen peroxide to "bleach" your hair. Beware that swimming in a pool (high levels of chlorine) will cause your hair to turn green if left the "blonde" color created by hydrogen peroxide. For the blue, you need to get something that dyes blue.. VERY blue. I've seen people use all of these items: - Sharpie markers - Kool-Aid - mashed blueberries - paint markers (makes a mess) But for best results, I'd get some actual hair bleach from Wal-Mart or some other store, and then stop by Hot Topics and grab some "Manic Panic" hair dye. It's got the most vibrant blue available. For the actual dying process, you need to get some aluminum foil and a comb. Get "chunks" of hair as I would say and wrap them up in aluminum foil (flattened, not balled up or rolled up). Do this in random places all over your head. Fold the ends up to keep the aluminum foil from sliding down and falling off. Next, take another (smaller) chunk of hair from immediately above each "chunk" and lay it OVER the aluminum foil. Make sure that the strands are completely on the aluminum foil and do not touch other parts of your hair. Apply the hydrogen peroxide, liberally, with a fine brush (a toothbrush will work but takes a while). After you finish a "chunk" lay it on the aluminum foil, then fold the sides over it (that's the reason it was flattened earlier). Make the aluminum foil flattened again. After 45 minutes, remove the aluminum foil as you wash your hair. Dry well, then start over with the same process, except this time apply whichever "dye" you chose. After roughly an hour has passed.. remove the aluminum foil as you wash your hair.. and BAMO! Blue streaks!

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