Is it possible for a person with Williams Syndrome to find that special someone?

I got a friend that has it. Hes gonna be 28 this year and hes NEVER had a GF. let me give you some statistics:

-hes a very quiet person

-when your on the phone with him, YOU have to do all the talking

-he fears rejection

-has never been approached by a female

-hes lived with his parents all his life

-his parents dont let him go out much unless their with him

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  • 10 years ago
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    is he diagnosed with williams? quietness and being untalkative isnt usually a trait of williams,as its known as a highly social syndrome,and is often thought of as 'the opposite condition' to autism in many ways.

    is he wanting a girlfriend,or is he not interested or aware?

    if its not to do with his parents being to close,he might be asexual or gay,but why is having a girlfriend important if hes not interested?

    he needs the freedom to be himself,rather than stereotypes set by one size fits all traditionalism.

    it doesnt make people losers to not have girlfriends/boyfriends-many people who are asexual have never had them and it doesnt affect quality of life one bit,as theres nothing being missed out on,its only when looked at from a view of someone with interest in boyfriends/girlfriends that it looks like somethings being missed out on,to them.

    many non disabled people have lived with their parents all their life,for a disabled person its even harder to move out,and why do his parents go out with him-he coud be needing the supervision,as people with williams can be very vulnerable on their own when out,but if he is high functioning,and does not have any issues that can suddenly leave him needing support,then he may be being over parented,due to how they see him.

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