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If I wear a size small T-Shirt in Men's, what size should I get in women's?

I'm a girl. I usually get regular band T shirts because they're more comfortable, and an adult small is just right for me. I'm ordering shirts offline, and I want to get some women's sized T-shirts. I don't know what size I wear because I never wear women's shirts. Help?

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    probably xs or s

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    Mens clothing are typically made larger than womens. If a small mens tshirt fits your properly your best bet would be a small womans shirt. Typically, there is no much difference between them. Some sizes do run smaller but by purchasing a medium shirt you very likely would be swimming in it. If the brand offers childrens sizes try an extra large childs shirt as they typically are comparable to small womans sizes.

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    Since mens t-shirts are usually made to be big, you would probably wear a large in womens xl- if you want it baggy. But it really all depends on the cut of the shirt because womens clothes fit so much different from mens

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    if your are buying from a place like delias i would do a S

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