Tokio Hotel Family: helicopter + comic!?


GEIL, RIGHT? ahaha

did I even spell that right? o.O

ohhh and there's a comic with Bill and Adam

I have no idea what's going on but the "what do you want from me"

was pretty funny 'cause Lambert's in love with Kaulitz ^_^ hahaha :P

AND on August 3rd the first day of Singapore Singfest Tokio Hotel will be preforming second after Katy Perry! yayyyy! :D

Q: okay so, TH unexpectedly comes to your town/city where ever you live and they know that you're a fan so they give you two free tickets. the concert starts in less than hour and you have to pick just ONE person to go with. who would it be? also you and either of the boys gets a free date who would be your date and who would you partner up with the person you brought along?

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    oh shyt, u really need to tell me HOW u get all these great things bout TH.

    nyway, that helicopter is cute! i wont even buy that for my lil brother, i will steal it for myself >:) back in scream day they have loads of merchandise, like the sneakers n stuff, so i hope in humanoid they also sell things like... robot toy? with the band's face under the visor? XD

    n please german fans, translate the page! bill look freakin young while lambert look...slimy... ( dont hate me adam fan! i like him!)

    oh, u know TH n perry n wondergils come to malaysia for MTV asia at 31 july? im getting crazy trying to get the tickets since the last two weeks, but its soooo hard!!! i wanna cry :'(

    Q: i will go with my sis, cos my other friends dont go to concerts...

    i will go with beeellll of course, but my sis dont really dig TH, but i think she can go with tom, simply cos it look fun sibling date :D

    xD ah, i LOVE Tokio Hotel Questions!!!

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    LOLOLOLOL That helicopter is awesome ive always wanted a remote controlled helicopter teheheheeheheheh and then id name it JUMBIE XD

    Lol if you want the translation of that comic here it is:

    PANEL 1:

    Bill: Hello! Do you understand?! Leave me alone! I don't fancy you, alright? What do you want from me? What [is it]?

    Adam: Aww *drool*drool*

    PANEL 2:

    Bill: What do you want from me?!

    Adam: Oh god, now I've got to cry for a bit.

    PANEL 3:

    Adam: Really awesome! Bill even knows my songs!

    Q: Lol welll i got my friend interested in TH a few months ago so id bring her. I am so flippin in love with Bill i would have to go with him for a date...or gustav (even though hes a little old for me)

    And my friend absoloutley loves Tom so she would go with him XD

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    Wow. Tokio Hotel chopper! :D

    They're(Tokio Hotel) super popular... :D

    I saw that comic...seriously Adam needs to minimize his obsession about Bill...and concentrate on his music. :D

    ooo...MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia is on 31 July and Katy Perry and Tokio Hotel are also performing too! So excited. :D

    Hmm...I'd invite my friend Megan and pair her up with Tom while I go talk/monkey around with Bill. :D

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    omg I want that Helicopter!! even thought I have no use for it whatsoever.... I want it!! lol

    the comic is cute!! lol even though I have no idea what most of it is saying.. lol


    I would bring my best friend because she loves TH too and we've already been to a concert together :]

    and I would choose Tom for my date lol and Georg for her because she likes him :D

    thanks for posting! <3

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    Awesome! :D and that comic is funny xD

    awesome :D cant wait to see it! if we can see it that is lol

    Q: i'd take my twin sister with me :) partner up with TH right? ooh thats tough O.o me probs Bill and coz i'd bring my twin sis i'd pair her up with Tom xD Twin date xD

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