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Hairdresser question: will 6N cover pink ?

I am a hairdresser and one of my clients is trying to remove the pink we put into her hair without bleaching it out. Last week I put a 6N on it as compromise because she didn't want to go too dark. It covered most but not all. If I put a 6N over it again, do you think it would cover ?

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    Good Evening, I am a Cosmetologist myself. Just Remember You can't put Color On Top Of Color!! However, I know you stated that you just colored it last week with a 6N and it's still a little Pink left. However, of course I don't know this client and how she feels about the other Neutral Color Swatches. See how she feels about using a 7N, also, before her deciding that, Unless you already have, take her outside in Sunlight and show her the Neutral Swatches compared to the Crown Color of her hair, and see what she thinks. Being in the Salon light picking a color compared to outside in the Sunlight is an OUTSTANDING difference.

    So just compare the 6 and 7N with her in the Sunlight and talk with her the different because the fact that, IF by chance she stays out in Sun alot , outdoors,swimming , etc, it's going to of course make her hair lighter, then of course will have her hair showing an unwanted tone of color.

    I have flew to many states and went to Hairshows and watched Amazing Artist and took classes in cutting and color, and yes to me color can be a headache at times, because threw the years I myself learned so much.

    I hope everything goes well .

    Source(s): Redken Cosmetologist
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