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Never been in Love or even emotionally attaced to a girl ? why?

i am a 24 year old guy, i run my own Business, i healthy and good looking, i had Alto of girlfriends in the past but i never ever been in love. all of my friends are in and out of love once or twice but not me.

is there something wrong with me, i met alot of nice girls. they are brautiful and we have amazing sex life but i never feel any emotional attachemt with any one. i hardly remember the last time icriedd for anyone or anything.

some additional info you people might thinking

- i dnt have parnet issues, i had a very amazing chilhood

- i m not gay

- i m not ugly

- and i have meet alot of nice, beautiful, careing girls still nothing

any advice will be helpfull. what is wrong with me am i missing an emotional cord or somthing.


Let me say that again i am not Homesexual.

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    try dating girls that are different then you.

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    you might be homosexual and dont know it or you havent meet the right girl those are the only 2 reasons.

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