Is P205/55/R16 the same as P205/55/R16 89H in tires? Can I use them anyways?

I have a 03' Pontiac Sunfire. The tires I usually buy are P205/55/R16. I went to get it inspected and found out I need all new tires. I don't have the $475.00 they told me it would cost to have new ones put on. So I found used ones that are P205/55/R16 89H. They are $60 for 4, then it will cost about $70.00 to have them put on and balanced and such. So should I get the used ones or go to the bank for a loan for the new ones? Can I even use the used ones? Thanks!!

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    Both tires are the same size given that they are both 205/55/R16. The '89' refers to load rating of the tire. '89' means each tire can withstand a weight/load of 1279lbs. The 'H' refers to maximum speed the tire is rated to run at. H-rated tires are designed to withstand speeds of up to 130mph.

    Your old tires should also have the same (or similar...not necessarily the exact same) load and speed ratings listed somewhere on the tire. Regardless of what your old tires were rated at, you can put those new tires on your car since they are the same size as the worn-out set and they are easily within the maximum weight load and speed rating you would ever subject the car to. (Sunfires are relatively light and most people don't usually drive over 130mph in the USA...).

    Source(s): for more in-depth explanation of load and speed ratings if you're interested.
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    Yes, the only difference should be tread pattern. The 89H is a highway tread.

    Source(s): 30 years as a mechanic
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