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How much debt will Obama rack up?

He's managed to pull off 2.3 trillion so far, only 18 months into his first term.

Bush spent 5.6 trillion in his 8 years as president, which was still absolutely ludicrous in and of itself.

These numbers are a bit scary, especially if Obama gets elected for a second term.

If it continues as is, we're looking at 12.2 trillion dollars worth of debt by 2016. Whoa.

Do you think it will really end up being 12.2 trillion when his time is up?

If not, how much?

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    Bush spent 1.9 Trillion his first fiscal year guess how much Obama spent.... 4.0 Trillion

    that means in just the first year Obama has already spent 2.1 Trillion dollars more than Bush didn't his first year.

    Source(s): U.S. Treasury Not sure what your numbers are maybe this is just annual budget not extra spending because my number is much higher than yours. It says government spending so maybe it's not all Obama in all fairness. Still Obama is much worse than Bush and Obama doesn't have the stones to stand up for his country like Bush did.
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    Scary, considering people need bailing out, not companies. Imagine the government is in charge of everything and everyone.

    Our great great grandchildren will pay the price and we will have a total caste system in this country the way things are going. All we can do is save save save and look out for our children's futures cause there will be no SS or anything for people to have benefit from with all the spending this one man has spent. Then we have either communism or socialism going because of one president who has no regard for people as individuals, just groups of people he selects who he thinks deserves help, like banking, auto industry, insurance companies. How about help with getting a refinance good luck on that, I've seen people lose their homes and none of this refinance stuff is available or by the time help is there the home is gone into foreclosure.

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    Bush ran up 5 trillion, but it is a lot more if you count in the surplus that he blew through. That brings it close Bush began racking up debt within less than 6 months of taking office.

    Obama is projected by the CBO to increase the deficit to 9.3 Trillion.

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    Realisticly, you cant really know how much, all we know is, he keeps making bad decisons on how to spend the money. Hes gonna by far pass bush. At first I was like bush is an idiot, everyday now that i hear about what obama is doing, makes me think bush wasnt so bad

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    I noticed that there was no reference to the trillions that were spent on his "legacy" in Iraq, or the projected costs for supporting those disabled veterans that will spend the rest of their lives disabled for his lie.

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    he will most likly have it down to 10 trillion by the time he leaves in 2016

  • 4 years ago

    below Bush. And for the ignorant reaction approximately foodstamps, bear in mind human beings of colour are actually not the main effective recipients. of direction you may desire to care much less concerning the folk who lose jobs and the youngsters they nonetheless ought to feed.

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    Over a trillion a year. I did the math.

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    In the projected budgets, more than all the other presidents combined!

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    it could be alot more if there is another stimulus, cap and trade, global warming bill, civilian security force, Bush tax cuts are repealed, and health care.

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