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is it still legal to abandon your children in hospitals? or does that law apply only to babies?

I remember hearing about a law that allowed to abandon your kids at a hospital, no questions asked. and if so, what state is it that allows this? thanx in advanced.

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    There was a loophole in one state's safe haven law (nebraska, I think), that did not specify an age range for safe surrender, parents of teens were crossing state lines to drop off their kids. What a terrible thing for those kids to endure. The law was quickly amended. As far as I know, safe haven laws now only apply to newborns.

    If you are struggling with one of your children, there is help out there. Start at the schools, they can help refer you to counseling services. Abandoning your children will not fix the problem, just make you a crappy parent and damage your child.

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    Kala - don't be retarded. Why do you think a hospital would be a better place?

    There's a couple states where the age is higher. I'm pretty sure in Oregon, there is no set age.

    Google "safe haven law by state".

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    Varies state to state. What state do you live in? And DO NOT discourage anyone from dropping off a baby that they do not want to care for at a hospital, fire station, police station. There is no questions asked. If someone does not want there baby there are so many willing infertile families that do.

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    toddlers in basic terms. All 50 states now have some style of style of the refuge regulation. refuge rules oftentimes enable the determine to proceed to be nameless and to be secure against prosecution for abandonment or overlook in exchange for surrendering the toddler to a refuge.

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    It applies to newborns (3 days or younger). Gee, I hope you're not considering dropping off your kids.

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    why r u gonna do that ?

    what kind of person r u ?

    why did u have them at first place ?

    to make them miserable ?

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