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Freaky program on my computer?

I'm cleaning out my laptop's files for my next school year, and I opened a folder I had made titled "Stories". When I clicked on it, I started clicking things I'd written and deleted or kept them, depending on my preference. I get to this one file which I have no idea how it got there, or what it is. It's titled "Anything" and it's an MS-DOS batch file. So I click on it, and then it says things like "You're Stupid" and "haha" and shuts my laptop down. I thought it was funny, but at the same time sorta freaky. Is this something I downloaded accidentally, or something one of my friends put on there? Thank you so much!

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    I think one of your friends put it there.

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    • Download and install Malwarebytes' Anti-malware.

    • Restart your computer and press "F8" repeatedly before you see the Windows logo. This will bring you to the Windows Advanced Options Menu.

    • Scroll down the menu and select "Safe Mode" to log into Windows Safe Mode.

    • Launch your antivirus program. Perform a full system scan and delete all malicious files.

    • Launch Malwarebytes' anti-malware and click the "Perform quick scan" radio button. Click "Scan." Malwarebytes will scan the system for malicious malware.

    • Click "OK" when the scan is complete, then click "Show scan results." Place a check on all the detected malware and click "Remove selected." Malwarebyte's will remove all detected malware.

    • Restart your computer normally to complete the process.

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    hello use this free program just to make sure its not a virus

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