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Should we change our culture, if for no other reason, than to live as long as women?

Nearly all over the world, men live shorter natural life spans than women (That's not including unnatural deaths/murders/ etc.) It's been shown that women can change their life spans by living in certain environments and certain lifestyles, but men have yet to embrace this idea entirely.

Male culture is generally more gruff, less forgiving, and full of hard labour and poor emotional outlet.

We spend less time at home, and less time with the kids, even though it's been proven that the simple act of getting married puts years on our lives. What if we spent as much time enjoying our families as women do? What if we embraced the feminine outlook on emotion, and social interaction? Each of these things have been shown to improve health and elongate the life expectancy, but men habitually are taught to behave differently....To be more "manly".

Shouldn't we change our culture a bit for the sake of our lifespans?

Isn't it our right to live as long as women?

(BTW regular, loving, consensual sex, has been shown to elongate life spans in both genders.)


Grandpa: I already do. I'm bringing this up because billions of men die early, needlessly, and I care about things like that. It's a men's issue, and -OH LOOK!- this is a website for discussing men's issues!

Update 2:

Roxyville: That was very interesting. Especially this: "This makes females the "choosey" sex because they want to ensure their egg is matched with a viable partner who has good genes."

But remind me again, how it benefits a female to have only one man father all of her offspring? You said she had to be selective, that's true, but that means it's all the more important that she be diverse. Multiple gene pools for her offspring will benefit her line, in the same way that it benefits a male's line. Given her limited number of children, she has even more reason to select a new man each time, than we have to select a new woman.

(I can father 300 children with 300 women in a year, and then spend the next 50 years with just one woman. Women don't have that option. Your argument works in some ways, but this part doesn't quite work out.)

So a man really doesn't have to behave this way. Besides, last I checked, women liked other qualities in men, and often despise male behaviour.

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    It's not just lifestyle but thousands of years of evolution at work.

    Females have to ovulate, experience pregnancy and (for most mammalian and bird species) raise their young to adulthood. Although a large number of animals make child rearing a team effort, many times the male is not present (or truley needed) to raise its offspring. Therefore it makes more sense for a female to live longer than a male if her services are more time consuming than the male's.

    In addition, males produce sperm-- a renewable gamete that is produced until death. Females, on the otherhand, produce a limited amount of eggs which take more energy to create than sperm. This makes females the "choosey" sex because they want to ensure their egg is matched with a viable partner who has good genes. Why give away your expensive gametes to a male that just isn't up to par? Males must display and be bold in order to impress the opposite sex and continue his lineage. This (coupled with testosterone) drives the male to take risks, be gruff, and especially be less forgiving to other males that could interfere with mating. Because he is wired to be this way, it is hard for males to deviate away from this evolutionary "how-to-be" instruction guide.

    Hope this helped.


    Interesting comeback. I'm actually really intrigued by this topic and would love to talk to you about it more in discussion. You can find me on facebook at Just send me a friend request and we'll see who bests who!

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    An occasional ask for help would probably help a lot...

    I know it sounds cheesy, but I dance around the house like a fool, and sing to the songs on the stereo...

    A good laugh, is always good for the soul...

    Eating your veggies, and taking a supplement vitamin, or two...helps a lot, too.

    Consensual sex, is great too...

    The only two on the list I've made that men do are:

    A good laugh...

    Consensual sex.

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    "What if we spent as much time enjoying our families as women do?"

    Then we would be paid less, and get promoted less, just like women currently do. The only difference being, of course, that when men get paid less for doing less work, we are not allowed to scream about a "wage gap" or a "glass ceiling".


    BTW, you don't have to change "our culture" in order to change your own lifestyle.

    Why are you trying to control what everyone else does? You sound just like a feminist busybody! I got an idea, why not just let everyone worry about their own self, and let others make whatever choices seem best to them!

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    The feminization of society started years ago, and the gap between male and female life expectancies has shrunk. Is that a good thing?

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    I'm tired of walking from place to place

    I've yet to come across a friendly face

    And now the words sound familiar, as them slam the door

    "You're not what we're looking for."

    Ain't nothing new in my life today

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    Im all about some regular consensual sex.

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