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GH - Why is Kate still on the show?

I am way way behind - like months and months but I thought a long time ago that Kate was leaving the show. After the horrible pairing of Sonny/Kate ended she really had no purpose on the show and her cousin, Oliver turned out to be the one that really fit into GH and got along with other characters and was actually useful to the show.

I happened to tune in for 5 minutes yesterday and saw Olivia and Kate at Jakes and I was shocked to still see Kate on the show.

Is she in the process of leaving? Is she recurring? Is she still on contract?

What does she do on the show now? Is still still a mega ***** and loser?


Kate is a loser. All she ever does is show up to b*tch at people and act like she's better than them and judge them.

So.. GH only uses her for Crimson stuff and has her dating a recurring character. Okay - so not much has changed. Olivia is strong enough on GH without this family tie. Kate adds nothing and anyone can run Crimson.

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    Kate is rarely seen. For a long time she'd just appear at Crimson once a month or so, gripe at Maxie and Lulu and then be gone again. I would've been happy to see her even less. But when she started seeing Coleman I thought there was some real potential for a funny, fun, mismatched couple. I wanted to see him loosen her up and see more of them. But, unfortunately, we hardly ever see them together. Idk why they keep her on if they're never going to use her. I did like the fight between her and Olivia yesterday though- too funny!

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    Kate is recurring now and she's not a loser.

    She runs Crimson magazine (with Jax as a partner/investor) and is boss to Maxie and Lulu. In addition, she's dating Coleman. Her purpose is pretty much the same as Coleman's--it's purely a supporting role.

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    Well she is the boss of the fashion magazine called Crimson and she supervises Maxie and Lulu. She was at Jakes because she is dating Coleman now. No, I do not think she is leaving or a loser for that matter :)

  • Hootie
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    At this point, she must be recurring. Ever since she has gotten involved with Coleman, I have lost interest. The character is no longer serving any purpose unless they are holding on to the character because they have plans for Kate in the near future.

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  • 1 decade ago

    She is NOT a loser!

    She has many ties on the show:

    >She is Maxie & Lulu's boss at Crimson the Fashion Mag she owns

    >She is dating Coleman

    >She is Olivia's cousin & Dante's only family from Bensonhurst on the show

    >She has also been in business with Jax (not sure if she still is they don't show him working anymore)

    I really wish they would use her more!!

  • Logan
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    1 decade ago

    Kate isn't a loser. She runs a fashion magazine and is seeing Coleman. She isn't leaving anytime soon as far as I know

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    THey took her off contract and she is recurring. I wish she was on more. I liked her and I liked her with Sonny. I hate that they rewrote their history by throwing Olivia into it. She has her witchy moments but she has some good ones too.She and Coleman are hot

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