What is the cost of new slim xbox 360 in dubai?

And pls Tell me advantage of new slim xbox over a old model

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The cost of the new Xbox 360 Slim in Dubai is 1,101.95

    There are many things that are new and improved then the older version Xbox 360.

    1)250 GB Hardrive

    2)Quiter then the older system

    3)Smaller deisgn (obviously)

    4)The buttons are touch screen(the buttons on the actualy system)

    5)The controller is the same but has a different feel to it.

    6)Integrated 802.11n Wi-Fi

    7)It comes Kinect ready(if you don't know what Kinect is just search for it on the web)

    8)It comes with 5 USB ports

    9)A black Xbox Headset

    Those are just some differences.

    Hope I helped and good luck!

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