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On my left side every time i take a breath in i hurts like hell what should i do?

i dont know what to do i have a pian and well i been hurting for a couple of days and this is not the first time i felt it what should i do go to the doctors or just wait

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    I worked as a nurse for many years and when ever I heard of inspiratory chest pain I think there's a possibility it's pleurisy. The pleura is the sort of sack that covers your lungs. Sometimes a person gets some irritation or perhaps even infection between the lung and the pleura. That causes the sharp pain upon inspiration, or taking in a breath.

    It would be good to see your doctor while it's occurring so that he/she might observe the pain you're having. But if that doesn't happen, just explain the nature of the pain you're experiencing and let your doctor take it from there. I hope you feel better soon!

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    Hey u might be suffering from bronchitis problem.....!

    do u stay in the areas where lot of humidity occurs...??

    or it might be a muscle problem of expansion near your ribs..

    have some little breathing and stretching exercises so that u may feel some what relaxed ....

    consult a good physician immediately before it reaches chronic state....

    Get well soon.......:)

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    Go to the doctors stat! Pain on ur left side when you breathe, is considered a heart problem. you can have a serious problem with ur heart! you could have a heart attack or cardiac arrest any moment. go to the hospital asap

  • David
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    go. you might have an infection. let them sort it out.

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