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What is the best present for a 12 year old skateboarder and i dont have to much money and he needs some boards?

he doesnt have to many boards and he needs some

what brand is the best and what kind of stuff should i get him

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    Go on amazon and look up moose blank decks, they are 5 for 56 dollars plus shipping. Even though they are not brand decks, they are still good. I just bough them about a two months ago and i can tell you that they are just as good as a brand deck. I am actually good so you can trust me. And if you just want to buy him one skateboard for a low price, buy him a mini logo or goodwood skateboard, they cost about 30 dollars each. Its problably better to just get him the 5 blank boards for 56 because they are good and you caan get all 5 for the price of 1.

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    Go to vans store or if he is good go to a certain brand he likes you can get some pretty good ones

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