yugioh question: which cards to use in my warrior deck?

I bought three warrior's strike structure decks and i wanted to know which cards to use in a real deck. i can only use cards from the structure decks. please help me

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    Even if that deck has geminis it has more focus on warriors than geminis, and the only bad thing about those guys is that they are really slow, you need to re summon them in order to use their effects.

    But because you bought 3 copies if it it can be a really pain for the opponent.

    here is my list of what you should have on the deck:

    Monsters: 19

    1x Phoenix Gearfried

    2x Evocator Chevalier

    3x Featherizer

    2x Blazewing Butterfly

    2x Gemini Soldier

    1x Spell Striker

    2x Marauding Captain

    2x D.D Warrior Lady

    2x Gemini soldier

    2x Future Samurai

    Spells: 16

    3x Supervise

    2x Burden of the Mighy

    2x Silent doom

    3x Hidden armory

    1x Mystical Space Typhoon

    1x Reinforcement of the army

    2x Swing of memories

    2x Double Summon

    Traps: 7

    2x Brightright

    1x Justi Break

    1x Dark Bribe

    2x Sakuretsu Armor

    1x Gemini Trap hole

    Well that it's my suggestion, hope that helps you

    Source(s): 4 years playing Yugioh
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    4 years ago

    Okay here's a record of playing cards that you'll be able to want in both a natural Warrior deck or Warrior/Tool-Box deck. Monsters: (three) Mauruading Captain (two-three) Don Zaloog D.D. Warrior Lady D.D. Assailant (two-three) D.D. Surivivor (two) Mystic Swordsman Lv two (two) Exiled Force (two) Mystic Swordsman Lv four (two-three) E-Hero Wildheart (blocks traps) (two-three) Warrior Lady Of The Wasteland (looking for warriors) (two-three) Giant Rat (even so much larger for looking out warriors in view that they're earth forms) (two) Command Knight (two) Blade Knight Spirit Reaper Strike Ninja (one million-two) Freed the Matchless General Breaker The Magicial Warrior Night Assialant Magician Of Faith Traps: Mirror Force Torrential Tribute (two) Bottomless Trap Hole (two) Sakuretsu Armor Ring Of Destruction Call Of The Haunted Magic (Spells): (two) The A. Forces (two) Reinforcement Of The Army (two) Warrior Returning Alive Mystical Space Typhoon Heavy Storm Graceful Charity Delinquent Duo The Forceful Sentry (two) Enemy Controller Pot Of Avarice (two) Smashing Ground Brian Control Scapegoat (two) Creature Swap Side deck you simply alter it to move up towards something your incountering so much of the time. In my discipline it is OTK,Burn,Aggro,and so forth. It'll be unique on your discipline. Or in case your gambling complex structure or conventional structure,it's going to all as much as you what you wish to position within the deck. I wish this is helping you in the market too,a number of the different quality solutions you may have been getting. :)

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    Thats not really a warrior deck. Its more of a gemini deck. I don't really know geminis but sorry ^^

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