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teachers gift ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

im in my last year (11) and wanted to by my teachers some gift, but dont kw what! so i wanted some ideas from you guys, i would like to but some nice but taht also looks expensive, some thing like perfume? is that a good idea? or do you have anything better?


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    Honestly, gifts are always appreciated, but not necessary. A nice, sincere note expressing thanks (specifics about what you're thanking them for is good), and a graduation photo so the teacher has a token to remember you by are (in my opinion) more valuable than a gift card to a coffee shop.

    I'm speaking as someone who has gotten many gift cards - once they're used, they're quickly forgotten. A picture is better - easily stored on a bulletin board in my office, and a nice reminder.

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    Firstly rank the teachers in their special order, or make some equal if you must :)

    Give the most special the nicest gifts, and the least special some decent stuff.

    Special stuff:


    -Expensive choices and a really nice card e.g Guylain

    -Teddy with a cute teacher like message

    -If they have a mascot theme in their class, but something similar they can add to their desk


    -Expensive pen with a nice message

    - Just go round the stores and see what comes up.

    Medium ideas:


    -What kinda teacher are they? Art - nice pencils? English - fancy notebook with a message somewhere? Think! :P

    - Mug with message/picture

    - Keyring, one especially for teachers

    -Box of choc e.g Cadburys Milk Box

    -Gel pens

    -Little figurine

    -Bath set (Not the personal kind, but gift kind)

    Just for the gift:

    -Card alone



    -Pen set

    Or something for the classroom, e.g a poster or something :) or globe if they are a geog teacher.

    I don't know your teachers so, base on these

    Good Luck

    Basically for the specials buy something more personal, and sometimes it's better to go see what the shops have rather than think of something in particular.

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    I would recommend a gift card to a coffee shop, teacher's store... some place like that. Most teachers would appreciate that a lot more than perfume or anything else. A lot of teachers that I know have a closet full of gifts that they do not use or are still trying to get through.

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    Generally gift cards are the best. Like VISA or American Express gift cards. The teachers can spend them on anything that way. I always like those, and other teachers I know like gift cards as well.

    Also, it's better if you give the teachers gifts from the whole class, not just from you. That way you don't have to spend a bunch of your own money.

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    My recommendation is personalized photo puzzle whit the picture of your class, if you have one. It will be realy interesting and your teacher will like it! You can check personalized photo puzzles here at

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