what kind of care does the industrial piercing need?

how many times to clean a day// how much time until it doesnt hurt anymore//etc.

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    1 decade ago

    Okay first off, congradulations! I know that sounds dumb but I love, love, love my industrial and I love seeing other people get an industrial, too.

    I cleaned mine twice a day with rubbing alcohol. Soap is a no-no (although this can be argued, but really I would try not to use it), what is REALLY good for your piercing though is sea salt soaks! You can do this various ways but one of the cooler ways I've heard of is if you bring sea salt to a boil with water on the stove top and let the steam hit your ear, it sounds odd but this is very good for your piercing!

    It may hurt for a few weeks, so really try not to lay on it or play with it and really try not to bump it or anything so the healing process will be a lot smoother. You really should try not to lay on it, I can't stress this enough because I thought after a few weeks it would be 'okay' to sleep on that side again and a week later my piercing got pissed at me and swelled up and it wasn't fun but it eventually went away. Cartilage piercings are very 'moody'. Also do not switch the bar until it is fully healed! This is also something I can't stress enough because I tried to change mine after a few months and it wasn't healed so now the process has to start over again (somewhat).

    As long as you are very careful and clean it, you should be fine but cartilage piercings can take a while to heal (up to a year) so just take very good care of it.

  • 1 decade ago

    the orange non-scented dial soap :)

    and clean it at least two times a day

    Source(s): best friends with a piercer, and my brother had it done
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