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When do the songs on the Eclipse soundtrack appear in the film?

I.e. What scenes are they played in?

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    Eclipse (All Yours)- End of movie, when Edward and Bella are in the meadow discussing the wedding

    Neutron Star Collison- 2nd song played at the graduation party

    Ours- 1st song played at the graduation party

    Heavy In Your Arms- I think this plays in the ending credits too, not sure. I never heard it in the movie

    My love- Scene where Bella tries to 'seduce' Edward/Proposal

    Atlas- When Edward is taking Bella to meet Jacob at the treaty line

    Chop and Change- Beginning of Movie when Riley gets changed

    Rolling in on a Burning Tire- The scene when Riley and Victoria are discussing the fight

    Let's get Lost- Scene when Bella tries to start her truck to go see Jacob

    Jonathan Low- When Bella gets on Jacob's motorcycle and goes with him to the Reservation

    With you in my Head- The fight training

    A Million Miles an Hour- When Jacob confronts Bella and Edward at school

    Life on Earth- When Edward in Bella are talking about Bella being changed in her room.

    What part of Forever- Ending Credits

    Jacob's Theme- extra song not played in the movie

    Oh and Claire de Lune plays when Bella goes to Edward's house =)

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    Chop and Change - Opening Credits

    Ours & Neutron Star Collision - Grad Party

    With You In My Head- Fight Training

    My Love- Proposal

    Let's Get Lost- Bella trying to start her truck to go see Jacob

    Jonathan Low- When Bella and Jacob go to Emily's house

    Life on Earth- Edward and Bella in her bed talking about the choices she has

    Atlas- Pulling up to meet Jacob for the Exchange

    Rolling In On A Burning Tire- Scene With Riley and Victoria just before they attack the Cullens

    Eclipse (All Your's) End scene in the meadow

    Not sure about the others because it was hard to hear some of them

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  • 1. Eclipse(all yours) - end meadow scene

    2. Neutron Star Collision - graduation party

    3. Ours - gradation party

    4. Heavy Heart To Carry - ?

    5. My Love - proposal scene

    6. Atlas - Pulling up to the treaty to meet Jacob for the exchange

    7. Chop and Change - opening credits (coming from the bar/diner)

    8. Rolling In On Burning Tire - Riley and Victoria before they attack the Cullens

    9. Let's Get Lost - Bella walking to her truck and trying to start it to see Jacob

    10. Jonathan Low - when Bella and Jacob are on the motorcycle when he picks her up from school

    11. With you In My Head - fight training

    12. A Million Miles An Hour - Jacob at school with his motorcycle when he turns around

    13. Life On Earth - Edward and Bella in her bed

    14.What Part Of Forever - ?

    15.Jacob's Theme - ?

    16.Dont You Mourn The Sun - ?

    That is all I could get. I saw the movie twice, back to back, and I can't remember the rest. Sorry :(

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    I only know when two play. These are basically the only songs I heard while watching it, the others were like instrumentals, or I was soo into the movie ><

    My Love - Sia (Edward proposing)

    Neutron Star Collision (Love is Forever) - Muse (Party at Cullen's House)

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