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Does a computerized sewing machine do all the work?

I read on a review that a particular model I like does not come with a foot pedal. Does this mean that computerized sewing machines do all the work, including the sewing? Obviously I would still need to guide the fabric. I like having the control from a foot pedal, so if there is no need for one, maybe it's not the machine for me. Feel free to tell me your experiences as well since I'm not familiar with this type of machine.

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    There is a start and stop button above the presser foot and then above that is a speed selector. You can start a a very slow speed and work your way up.

    These machines where intended for quilting, where you need an even speed when free motion stitching.

    Visit a couple sewing machine dealers and test drive the models they have with the start/stop button. Give them a test run and see if you like this feature.

    I have two different brands of sewing machines with this feature. However, they both have the option of using a foot/power pedal, which was included.

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    This sounds like a machine intended primarily for embroidery... it's programmed to stitch out part of a design, stop, wait till you change the thread, and resume stitching with the touch of a button. Those are usually the machines without pedals.

    If you want to sew clothing, though, there's nothing available on the home market that automates the sewing process beyond stitching. You're still going to have to guide the stitching, and you're most likely going to want a pedal so you can control the speed, start and stop with your hands still on the fabric.

    A pretty good resume on state of play in the home sewing world right now:

    Source(s): 50 years of sewing
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    we would actually need a picture to tell you for certain, but some come with an optional foot pedal, meaning you have to buy it separately and attach it, others do embroidery for you, but i am not sure if any sewing machine is self sufficient

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