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Sewing pattern for Victorian blouse simillar to this?

I really love this dress seen in Tuck Everlasting. Sorry, this was the best picture I could find, but it's really only the top part I'm interested in:


Does anybody know where I might find a sewing pattern for something similar? I have searched several times, and can't find anything with this style of sleeves. I would just make the top part and wear it as a shirt, so a shirt pattern would work too. I would appreciate a specific link to a website that has a similar pattern. Thank you :)

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    The sleeves are simply standard INSET sleeves, a bit shorter than 3/4 length, with gathered lace at the end in a draped fashion.

    In other words, you could use a pattern like this:


    Instead of the 'short sleeve' version, make the sleeve a bit longer (to your elbow) and instead of the lace being the SAME length all the way around the edge of the sleeve, make the lace LONG in the back and sweeping up to the front. Like a window drape. You may need to piece in a long strip of lace down the outside of the sleeve as well, to get the full effect, but that is easily done, also.

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