how to make my room goth?

im 15. my walls are purple and my mom wont let me paint them. my bed cover is pink and purple. she just bought it 4 me and wouldnt return it when i said i didnt like it. i want my room 2 have a lot of black. any ideas how i could make it look goth with the walls and bed cover.


y is it that no1 can answer the question that was asked. im not suicidal. y do people think if ur goth or emo u want 2 kill urself.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    lol, goth kids, takes me back

    you could start with the statistic that purple painted rooms and suicide are linked, colour therapy or something

    enjoy the fad while it lasts, and if your gonna call yourself a goth, dont be another of those silly emos in denial, we can all see right through it

    edit - i never said you were suicidal, im just suggesting you find a subtle way to manipulate your mother into seeing these statistics, also, black aint really a good colour to paint your walls, maybe you can convince her to have one wall painted black and the other 3 a more neutral colour, a black room aint as attractive as you think and a lot of goths ive known would much prefer purple to black. why not just stick to posters on your wall?

    Source(s): went through the phase myself for long enough
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    1 decade ago

    Yeah my mom wouldn't let me paint my walls dark. You could do a goth theme with purple walls.. like get lacy black blinds (might have to buy fabric and sew yourself) get lots of candels and have them coming from your walls somehow. But about the bed spread... get rid of it soon lol. Just hang up posters of something you like that's gothic -fallen angels, vampires, w/e.

    Good luckk!

    Source(s): 15 y/o emooogoth
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