Off clomid now...Does our timing sound right?


DH and I have been trying to conceive for 8 months. After preliminary bloodwork, my doctor thought my levels were out of whack and told me he felt comfortable prescribing clomid. I took that for 4 months (ovulated on day 18 each month) but never did get our BFP. This is the first month we have not taken the clomid (he wants to do a sperm analysis and hystopinogram) but I still ovulated my own. Instead of day 18, it was day 16! I'm hoping that was as good as I think it is....

So, DH and I BD'd 4 days, 2 days, and 1 day before ovulation....all things considering, does our timing sound good? Does ovulating on day 16 sound good even though it's a different day than the past four months? Please...any tips, advice would be WONDERFUL!!

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    Sounds like you timed it right! I would have BD'd the day of ovulation as well just to increase the odds but even if you BD 3 days before O you've got a good chance of catching it. With a "normal" 28 day cycle you should ovulate on CD14 so ovulating on CD16 is great! Every woman is different and every cycle is different. I've never O'd on the same CD while I was on Clomid. I'm surprised he did not do the semen analysis before starting you on fertility drugs, usually that's the first thing to happen. The Hysterosalpingogram (HSG) is a relatively expensive procedure (though not nearly as expensive as IVF - mine was $1,000 without any insurance coverage) but it is done to check to see if your tubes are blocked. If there is some light debri in your tubes the procedure can sometimes help clear your it but if there is a true blockage then it could need surgery to clear it. Anyway, I think your timing is good and I hope you get your BFP this time : )

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    That vacation sounds exceptional! I'm now not due for a vacation till December once we cross to Maui/Hawaii for a marriage ceremony however I'm so excited approximately it. We started running with the fertility document final week and he gave us a few GREAT information. DH is on a few amino acids/nutrients endorsed by means of the document and we're going to begin clomid subsequent cycle considering the fact that I see AF this weekend, so I'm additionally excited approximately that. I wish your EWCM is helping the men stand up there and make you a child this month! Thanks for the replace!

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