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i'm tired of my life, and i want it to change!!?

it's the same old story. i feel like since high school, i've been lost. do sometimes really well at work, do sometimes really poorly. sometimes have super fun / memorable moments in social life, other times just have the most gloomy days. in grad school, sometimes do really well, other times do not so great.

ARGH. up / down / up / down - tired of it all! i feel like i'm on a roller coaster!!!

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    You sound very depressed. Try getting away for the weekend. Or maybe do some volunteer work...that makes everyone feel better. Maybe seek professional help. It sounds like you need some friends...or more friends. This is how life is. And if you're having a hard time grasping that, you may need professional help to show you there are more joys in life than you think.

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