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majority of internet websites say most pregnancy tests give false negatives?

i dont want to be pregnant, so when i take my pregnancy test i wish for it to be negative. But most people are saying pregnancy tests can show negative when they are infact positive? im worried that the test will show negative when im pregnant, im so stressed about this:(

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    The reason for that is because women tend to use pregnancy tests too early, you really need to wait and see if you get your period first, and some women just don't produce enough of the hCG hormone needed for a positive test result.

    Pregnancy tests also detect different amounts of the pregnancy hormone as well.

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    yeah, that only happens when the woman is too impatient to wait until the appropriate time frame to take a test.

    They usually are not 'fasle' negatives, but more like user errors.... You can get a 'false' negative by taking the test too soon, taking the test wrong, getting the test too saturated with urine, otherwise not following the directions.

    If you do the test correctly your result will be accurate.

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    it is possible to get false negatives, though it is uncommon. If you buy 2 the chances of both being wrong are slim especially if different brands. If you are concerned you are still pregnant go to your doctor who can run a blood test and confirm. Be aware that false negatives are relatively rare, and if you show up negative you probably are not pregnant

    also be sure to do the test properly and at the right time for best results

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    That's true. You can get a false negative if your testing too early. It should be accurate around the time your due your period.

    If you think the test is wrong then you can always leave it a few more days and test again. Don't stress yourself out.

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    Don't stress, That will cause a delay in getting your period. Don't worry unless you get symptoms, then you can always get a blood test. It's just a waste of energy to worry about something like that.

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    Most times it's not the test that is at fault, it's human error (i.e. taking test too early, no enough urine on it, etc...)

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