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Hey? So, I'm 21...Almost 22 and I'm having a hard time waiting on Mr. Right?

So, ever since Timothy and I broke-up and became friends, my little love life has been shitty. I'm meeting guys who only want to use me to get what they want, control me, and don't want **** out of life. They either have a drinking problem or drug problem and I'm sicking effing tired of it. I haven't given up on love, but I sure in the hell don't really believe it in anymore. All I'm ready to do is settle down with some nice looking good with their head screwed on right, one who doesn't have any drugs or alcohol problems, one who works, doesn't live at home with his parents, has a job, and wants something out of his life for him; Not for me though. I mean, I want to feel the sparks with a man and I have yet too met a guy with a connection. I mean where are the good guys at? Dead. I rather be single; Than keep going with the guys that will only lead me to turmoil, stress, and a headache. I'm 21, I should be on dates, having fun, and meeting new people, but instead I'm getting hooked with these guys who are only after one thing. I have a hard time trusting men period because I believe that all men are just after sex, sex, and sex. I believe in a perfect person, but I don't believe in the concept that they don't exist anymore. It'll be a miracle if I can find a guy with a connection anytime this year, or next, or better yet ever!


I'm in college on-line, I work, and yet these guys keep coming up too me; Why? Do they think I'm " Easy?" I believe in myself, I'm smart, funny, beautiful, etc. etc. etc. Why?

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    I'm 21 years old too... I wouldn't be concerned with looking for Mr. Right just yet. You still have a long time to find that great guy. I haven't found mine yet but I'm also not worried just yet. We're still young and have many years ahead of us to look. =)

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    Honey I am 27 and I am just finding a guy who could be Mr. right. its really true what they say, when you are not looking that's when he will find you. And its often not the guy you are drooling and dotting over that is your Mr. Right. What you should do is just have fun, take care of yourself, hang out with friends, finish with college, get a career and he will come.

    The day I met my boyfriend, i was just dancing away at a party and wasn't even there to meet any men. Just to support a dear friend. Funny enough that was not the first time I met him. the first time I met him I danced with him at another gathering since we have the same mutual friend and I didn;t even notice or like him until later. Don't worry the guy for you is out there. give it time

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    You answered the question .. why do they keep coming up to me .....

    Smart, pretty, funny and appear to have self confidence ...... your the dream gal.

    There is no such thing as Mr. Perfect...... every one has slightly different wants and needs in a partner. You just haven't found your Right guy yet ... you will. Finish school .. work toward that ... when you stop looking for the guy, you'll trip right over him. Think of it as he is being hidden in plane sight ... your looking so hard, you just don't see him.

    Really .. when your happy with your self and the way your life is going ... then you will trip on him.

    If not ... I can grill some food on the grill and we can float in the pool .... sound good !!

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    That's the problem when you're feel like everyone has the right house, job, relationship, etc. But they really don't and it's fine if you don't either. Don't focus all your energy on finding Mr. Right. Focus your energy on YOU and what else you want in life. The guy thing will sort itself out, whenever it's right.

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    There are lots of places to find men. Craigslist, plentyoffish,etc. Try looking for a military man.

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    You can meet a guy just about anywhere.

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