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Girl Advice (what should I do)?

Okay, so there is this girl from my school and I extremely like her. I started to see her in a maths revision class and she'd attempt to make conversation but at the time I wasn't sure if I liked her so I'd smile and if she was having a laugh, I'd laugh along. She used to call me by a nickname she made for me, which was "jacket potato man" or something because I used to eat a lot of them at school. When she would see me she would call me this but after a couple of weeks stopped as I'm guessing she didn't want to overdo it.

Anyway, we used to both make a lot of eye contact, either looking at each other for a longer section of time or glancing and mostly, once we noticed one was looking at the other, we'd look away fast.

To get to the point, after I got her number from one of her mates, I texted her to check if it was okay to text her and she was fine about it. Some texts she hasn't replied to recently but I'm not sure if she's not interested or just shy. She has replies to when I asked her about how her exam went, that I had her number and when I asked if she had any one elses numers who used to hang around with us.

Okay, the important part. I was walking out if school and I got in my moms car and started to drive off but her car was behind my car so she needed to walk past my car to get to hers. As I noticed her, I was looking at her and she was looking in the opposite direction until the very last second when she looked at me (so I'm guessing she must have seen me there) and when we made eye contact, she smiled at me and so I smiled back.

Going with a gut instinct, I just got a feeling that we'd made contact with each other and it felt like a special moment; a feeling I'd never had before and it felt like we had a connection. May have just been friendly but I dunno.

She is really shy and she apparently doesn't check her phone much. Now that we have left school I probably won't see her much except she is going to a college close to mine and she may have to get the same bus as me.

At the prom, she was watching everyone arrive and when I arrived, when I noticed her, I saw her looking at me and when I looked at her she turned back around to her friends. Throughout the night, when she walked with her friends past me, I heard her whispering to her mate, this could just be a coincidence.

Okay, so what did that smile mean and is it sounding like she likes me? The only problem with trying to meet up at some point is that I don't see her now until august on GCSE results day so....

What should I do? Should I risk asking her out? How should I do it? What should I say to her? Advice please! DOES SHE LOVE ME?

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    I don't know about the love thing, maybe a bit too soon to guess but yes! Go for it.

    You seem to have some sort of connection between you so I'd just take the dive and ask her.

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    Well, I don't think she loves you - yet. It seems like both of you want something to happen, and seeing as you're going to collages near each other it would be easy to see each other. You should ask her if she wants to go out with you sometime because it seems like she likes you too, and because she's shy she won't make the first move. So go for it xx

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    you should ask her. whats the worst thing that can happen? she doesn't like you. ok well then you know you tried and you now know that you can move on.

    about the "should i ask her out?"... i don't know if you should cut right to that. maybe talk to her and tell her that you kind of like her.

    i would suggest doing it like this "what would you say if i told you that i liked you?" you dont have be so direct about it.

    and i dont know if she "loves" you. thats a very big word. it means alot. it takes alot for someone to love someone else. but that shouldnt discourage you from telling her.

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    Maybe wait until GSCE is over?

    That's a great start!

    Girls love it so much when guys make the first move and when you go on dates , tell her how beautiful she looks in the clothes she's wearing and don't say whoa you're fitt .

    That's a real turn down!

    Hope I helped!

    Also be caring and loving girls love that!

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    I think she loves you but you need to make contact with her as she feels shy , may be if you talk to her closely you will get to know whether she loves you or not.I think you are in love with her.ALL THE BEST.Have a good day

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    I think she likes you but she's shy...I'm shy and yea thats how I know..So I think you should tell her how you feel and see where it goes from there..I hope I helped and good luck =P

    would you mind answering mine coz I'm soo confused with my situation..please???? tanx;_ylt=Anb4e...

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