Which person should I pick for my main in brawl?

My choices are sonic, wolf and toon link

Sonic- im very good with him but he' s kind of boring

Wolf- I would defindantly pick him if i didn't die every time i fall

Toon link- hes a good jumpernd pretty good with that boomarang but im new to him just like I am with wolf

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    Use Toon Link or Wolf.

    Sonic's moves all look the same spinning blue balls, only his special is worth it, but I hardly use those anyways. So Sonic is a no.

    I'd say do Toon Link 1st and your 2nd Wolf.

    Toon Link: You can pull of some awesome combos, One I like to do is like this: Pull out a bomb, but hold it, then fire an arrow followed by the boomerang then throw the bomb, it's hard to block all 3 things coming at you in a row. Toon link is also a fast striker and deals decent damage.

    Wolf: A fast striker with almost no lag and quick recovery, he deals high damage and his side smashes have longer reach than you'd think.

    Source(s): Been playing smash bros since the 1st game came out. Seen, but not done, almost every trick in the book.
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