best fattening foods to eat?

i'm 5.13 and im 14?

im very tall so it makes me look very skinny and i want to be at least 7 stone?

can you tell me some good fattening foods to eat?

thanks x

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    peanut butter, trail mix, granola w/ milk

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    Hi X,

    It's easy to find fattening foods. Anything with lots of calories. Milkshakes. Fried chicken. Lasagna. Think fat and sugar and you'll have it.

    Instead of trying to eat fattening foods, a better way to go is to get some exercise and build your body up. You'll feel better and sexier, you'll be healthier and you'll have more energy.

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    my brother use to be really skinny and tall when he was younger. i, on the other hand have always been quite fat and tall. my brother tried supplements and eating allot, not doing allot of exercise but none of this really helped him gain allot of weight and if he did he lost it. probably the best thing to do is come to terms with it. im sure that once you stop growing as much you will start beefing up a bit. X

  • Salad burgers helps:).. but have some chips with mayonaise as well with a glass of pepsi:D.. but eat this 4 times a week xx

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    I think smoking Cigarettes is the worse. I can eat fast food and then go work it off. I can not take stop the damage of smoking cigarettes except by not smoking at all.

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    foods high in calories and fat is your best bet.

    So that is donuts,pastries,cakes,buns,pies,biscuits,fries,burgers,chocolates,crisps.

    Or eat healthier fatty foods like nuts,peanut butter which are mainly monounsaturated fat.

    The kind that reduces bad LDL cholesterol and raises good HDL. They're also high in calories.

    Try using olive oil to.

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    cookies, cakes, brownies, pizza, m&m's, reese's cups, Twix bars, ice cream, ice cream cake, cheese fries from outback, bacon, scrapple

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