why do you teach your young kids about God, when God doesn't exist?


it's not my opinion. You teach them about Santa, when it's just you. And one day they figure that out.

Well one day they are going to "pray" for something, and it's not going ot happen and NEITHER do they hear the voice of God.

So it's true he doesn't exist.

Update 2:

I present to you the duckbilled platapus as transitional species :D

Update 3:

THAT'S the thing, why give them some false hope?

Why not say it like it is, there is no "magic" in this world, only science.

Hmm, you could tell them if you want to create "magic" be a scientist.

Update 4:

no, having this "certainty" sucks, cause you know there's nothing left after this life.

But hey, reality is reality :D

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    That's your opinion. I know God is real, thank you.

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    I'm sorry if you had a disappointing and heart breaking experience with this. I really am.

    But, "Why not say it like it is, there is no "magic" in this world, only science"

    Because life is full of hope and "magic". A lot of times our blessings and miracles are made just because someone chose not to give up and to continue living as if their prayers would be answered.

    Even for those who don't believe in God, there is still power that comes from knowing that others do believe and why. There are lots of lessons about unconditional love, charity, hope, faith, integrity, and overall being a better person that can be learned from learning about God, even if people don't believe.

    There's also an important (hard, but important) lesson that will happen the first time he prays for something that doesn't happen. It's important for him to know that Heavenly Father can't give us everything we ask for. Sometimes he can't grant our requests in the way we want, and sometimes he does answer our prayers, but just not in the way we'd hope.

  • Nani
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    What makes you think someone who is teaching their children about God are going to leave out teaching them about prayer? They aren't going to just tell the child that God is some Handyman that just gives you whatever you want. Do you even know what people who believe in God and love God tell their children? It starts with telling them they were created by their Heavenly Father, who loves them and will guide them through life. I'm sorry no one told you that, but I'm telling you that now. As long as you have breath you can turn to your creator and let Him love you.

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    No, it is just your opinion. It's insulting to people who are religious. I'm not religious and I don't believe god exists but I don't say that he doesn't, I just don't believe in it. And why not give kids hope?! Santa was awesome...until the age of 7. But it gave me 7 years to think theres some spooky magic in the world. By the way you have no proof that god doesn't exist because maybe when you pray to him he just ignores you

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  • Parents who teach their children that a god or gods exist are parents who believe it to be true. There aren't many parents who would tell their children to believe in a god if they themselves didn't believe it.

    We all want to teach our children the truth; we just don't all agree on what that is.

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    Belief in God is personal. Myself, i am an atheist as well.

    However, many people find strength in the concept of God, and although they believe this strength comes from a "higher power", it serves as a base for the development of a personality and staying strong.

    Like someone you can always rely on, someone who loves you and to whom you must show your good will. Many people need someone like that.

    Mankind needs something of the concept of God. That's just a given.

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    This is more of a religious question, maybe take it to that section.

    And everyone has their own opinions and its up to them to teach their children about God.

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    Honey, If you dont believe in God then dont teach your kids about God.

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    sounds to me like someone caught daddy.. with his santa suit half on is still bitter... dont hate on use cause were trying to preserve are childrens soul.. what does it cost them to live good lifes.. cause thats all it ends up.. is living good.. but answer this what if your wrong.. what if you die and realize it and its to late... and forever more your soul will be in torment , or dead cause you didnt decide to take the chance.. and all cause you caught daddy with only half his santa suite on....

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    well you have you believes and obviously other parents have other believes so don't dis parents who do if they want teach their children about God let them,don't troll about it!!! >:( I believe in God but if my children didn't want to they don't have to!!!

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    That is just your opinion.


    Actually,my husband and I have come to an agreement. That we are not going to teach our children that Santa,the Easter bunny or any similar made up characters are real. Because we know they are not real. To us,God is real. And we will teach our kids accordingly. That's the beauty of parenting your own kids. You choose. Not anyone else.

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