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If our immigration system is broken, should all immigration to the U.S. be stopped until the system is fix?

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    Yes, absolutely. In fact, the immigration quotas, laws and regulations need to be rewritten just like the puke Ted Kennedy rewrote them in 1965 which just ended up flooding our country with third-world immigrants and with people so different to the original Americans that the bond in our country is disappearing and no country has ever survived that.

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    The problem is not too many cardiologists and engineers coming in legally. Its not the system that's broken, it's too many years of allowing the laws to be broken. What to do with our massive unskilled underclass is more of a social issue than an immigration problem. We need border security for future migrants but that's a separate deal from what to do with all those here illegally who refuse to assimilate and do not wish to be American but demand all the perks of US citizenship.

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    Yes, and No.

    Our Immigration System is broken, and that's why we need Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

    Only paranoid right-wingers want to stop immigration because they feel that they'll never get power back with all these brown people here. That's how they see it.

    Broken immigration system needs comprehensive reform

    No one disagrees with the fact that the borders need to be secured, immigration reform is necessary and that Arizona has every right to curb the crime in the state. Arizona has had a long history of being a major corridor for drugs and migrant smuggling.

    However, there are many problems with Arizona’s new immigration law. First of all, it not only punishes criminals but it also has the potential of harming innocent children and tearing families apart. Law enforcement resources will be spent deporting family members and separating loved ones instead of focusing on serious criminals.

    According to the Pew Hispanic Center, approximately 73 percent of the children of undocumented parents are citizens. Under the U.S. Constitution, children born in the United States are considered citizens.

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    I don't think so, no. There are many other ways to fix this. The problem is the fact that President Obama put people in charge of this who are too incompetent to fix this. i.e Hilary Clinton.

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    right wingleftwingchickenwing

    the inn is full,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, in a severe recession..yall comon back in 4-5 years,we cant handle 8 to 15 million people,also,we have 3,000 fern bandidos in the federal prison system,send them back too

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    Thats sounds highly unrealistic.

  • No. As a matter of fact, the exact opposite should happen so we can have a large pool of cheap labor.

    Source(s): Texas and New Mexico = the fasted growing state economies in the USA during the The Great Bush Depression. And half their population is illegal mexicans and their anchor baby offspring.
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    Anyone should be able to become an American, ALL Americans are immigrants..

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