Why won't my computer work on Itunes Home Share?

We are at home, wireless connection (same connection), all boxes have been checked and logins are entered but neither computer is sharing. I went through the Itunes site and did all things, but still no luck. I even cut off the firewall.

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  • Drew
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    Is your computer a Mac or a PC?

    If it is a PC, check whether it has network discovery switched on. You can do this from the Network and Sharing Centre (right click the network icon in the tray and click the link). You need to have vista or higher to do this however. I don't know if XP can use the Home Sharing function. Once in the Network and Sharing Centre, make sure the Network discovery light is on. If not, switch it on. Also switch on the File Sharing and Public Folder Sharing. I don't know whether it matters if it is password protected, so play around with it.

    I hope this helps

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