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I have had nausea every morning for 5 days straight, and I'm having trouble eating, any suggestions?

I've been under a great deal of stress lately, and so I'm having a lot of anxiety and I think that is causing my nausea. For some reason the nausea is worst during the morning, but it stays with me most of the day.

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    Fortunately you cannot be pregnant if I can go by your namesake:). so it has to be something to do with your stomach or the diet that you are eating at night. There is a condition called vertigo which also applies to your condition.. Please check out this website. I would recommend that you take a very light dinner at night if it is not a medical condition, avoid oily foods and heavy stuff that is hard to digest. Top it off with a lemon juice at night, that seems to cure acid vomit the following morning.

    WikiAnswers - What causes extreme nausea for 5 days with no vomiting

    Public Health and Safety question: What causes extreme nausea for 5 days with no vomiting? you could have a condition called Vertigo. - Cached - Similar

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    Probably the flu my 6 12 months historical had it over x mas.. First they proposal she had a UTI and validated her and placed her on Bactrum then became out she began vomiting for four days!! Welll the UTI was once now not the predicament, she had the flu and it lasted approximately two weeks.. She had a fever of 104.6 on the maximum and we alternated with tylenol and motrin.. If the fever is particularly top get a few Feverall this can be a gel suppository and even though disagreeable to provide, it brings the fever down instantly. Have her drink white grape juice or gatoraide or pedialyte and tons of popscicles leisure and coloring books and might be new crayons. If the fever will get to one hundred and five take her to ER, whilst my daughter was once 14 months she had scarlett fever, a crimson sandpaper rash in all places her frame that itched like loopy her ferver spiked to 106 and triage took her rightaway and gave her antibiotics and steroids... Be cautious when you consider that top fever can reason everlasting middle harm and or mind harm, simply watch her intently and you're her mom so believe your instinct, If some thing isn't correct then you definately get any individual to hear you and lead them to see it your method.

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    Reduce stress. It's the only way.

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