Uranium, an element found in deposits in the Earth, is considered a RENEWABLE energy source.?


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    1 decade ago
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    False. There is a finite amount of existing uranium in the crust, and no real reason for any significant amount to ever be added to the crust in the future.

    Plus, the actual isotope of uranium that we use (U-235) has to be processed out of the common isotope U-238. So there's even less "useful" uranium than there is total uranium.

    Source(s): Engineering geologist
  • 1 decade ago

    False. Since uranium decays into other elements, if you took all the uranium in the earth out, waited a billion years, and came back, it wouldn't be uranium anymore, but rather lead.

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    False as there is only so much of it like any other deposit such as iron ore although there is a hell of alot more iron ore in the earths crust, hope this helps!

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