Redirect : Help Me Get Rid Of It?

So I had this b4 but it was a different one. This one will redirect me almost all the time but if I either hit back or search again and click it a few times it will eventually let me go to that site. Also occasionally it will open a new tab on my browser (firefox) and visit some random site usually trying to sell me something.

To help identify which one it is the logo for the tab is always either a purple curly thing or a green globe looking thing.

I have malware bytes and I know how to go into safe mode on my pc but I dont really remember how to remove stuff unless u find it in a scan. Also Im not sure what file name Im looking for if the scan doesnt find it.

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    You have the "Search Redirect Virus". This virus will change links that appear genuine from a search using a major search engine to fake advertisements. There may also be random pop ups to sites that have no relevance to anything.

    Using Malware bytes or similar software cannot remove the virus. This is because the way it infects your PC. The virus only affects a few system files and does not run a background process, hence anti virus software cannot detect it.

    What you will need is ComboFix. This is a sure fire way to remove the virus and restore your systems reliability. This website is highly recommended, it gives a thorough tutorial on how to remove this particular virus:

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    • Download and install Malwarebytes' Anti-malware.

    • Restart your computer and press "F8" repeatedly before you see the Windows logo. This will bring you to the Windows Advanced Options Menu.

    • Scroll down the menu and select "Safe Mode" to log into Windows Safe Mode.

    • Launch your antivirus program. Perform a full system scan and delete all malicious files.

    • Launch Malwarebytes' anti-malware and click the "Perform quick scan" radio button. Click "Scan." Malwarebytes will scan the system for malicious malware.

    • Click "OK" when the scan is complete, then click "Show scan results." Place a check on all the detected malware and click "Remove selected." Malwarebyte's will remove all detected malware.

    • Restart your computer normally to complete the process.

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    You don't have to go into safe mode to run Malwarebytes...just click the icon and choose either a quick scan or a complete scan.....

    sounds like you have the Google re-direct virus.....

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