Can someone please help me with my jetta 2002?

hello. I had recently graduated fron high school and as a gift i got a jetta 2002. the first day in the screen there was this orange light turning on. its right next to the 20 in the speed monitor. and im really worried about it. it looks like a faucet and i dont want to move it. i went to the mechanic and told me it was the motor...PLEASE HELP ME im not an expert at this i will apreciated

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    OK I have a Warning Light Booklet right in front of me. The closest thing to a 'faucet' is an oil container with a spout; at the end of the spout is a drop of liquid.

    In this '06 booklet this lite in red means that engine oil pressure is low. If its yellow, the engine oil level is too low.

    Either way check your oil level. If its OK then the problem could be a blocked/dirty oil filter or the oil pump is worn. An oil starved engine will not last for long.

    Source(s): VW booklet
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    Faucet? Go to the library and get a book on repair and maintenance of VW Jettas or Rabbits or Golfs any year fairly close and take a quick glance through it. You are not gonna find an owners manual.

    You either are looking for dash lights (which may be in the front index) or warning lights. or indicator lights. And look them up for cooling system.

    It "could" be low on coolant(your overflow container could be dry-which it never should be)-meaning the radiator could be also low,or low on windshield washer fluid .

    Those are the only things I can think of that use "water" >which comes out of a tap(or faucet) And "water" used to be the only coolant they used to cool motors in the past.

    It is not a waste of time. You learn it once, you know it forever.

    If the warning was in words, how good is your German?

    Source(s): Find a more honest mechanic. Even if that means going to the dealer first go round. This mechanic was really not interested in touching your car. Talk to other VW drivers. Shoot the bull. Find out where they take their car to....and if you find a few go to the same place -chances are that place is your best bet. don't mean Farrah? mechanic.
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    You do not have to worry about this whatsoever. But you better get used to it.

    I have owned a Jetta 2002 for the past 4 years and had that orange light on most of the time. As a new owner, I used to worry about it and brought my car back to the dealership a few times. The first 2 times they told me it was the glow plugs (I own a TDI). I changed them just to have this warning light back on after a few days. The third time I complained about it, they told me it was related to the fact that my rear light was dead (which it was). I changed it with again little sucess. Now, I do not care about it. I still do all the necessary maintenance on time and never had a problem.

    VWs Jettas are well known to have electrical problems. That is just part of it...

    Source(s): Personal experience
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    I have a Jetta to and I believe you should check your oil or go get an oil change, you can also go to like an Auto Zone and they can plug this machine into your car and it will tell you what is wrong with it (it is free)

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    Victor, do yourself a favor and find a new mechanic. i think that symbol usually will mean either oil, or water with coolant needs to be added.

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