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Brown blood after sex and after urinating?

Every time I have sex with my husband I have pain and after we're done I always have some bleeding. The last time we had sex was on Saturday and today is Wed. It has been a lot of dark brown discharge and also lots of it after I pee. It's on the toilet paper after I wipe and also I have been noticing that it's a lot that just come out in the toilet and my pee is very cloudy. not sure if it's from the brown blood after peeing or it's just the color of my urine. I also have a lot of abdominal pain, to the point that I have hard time pushing when I have to go number 2. I feel like my ovaries are gonna come out while I try to push!! Can someone help please:(

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    you probably will not like this answer but it sounds like the symptoms of chlamydia wich is a sexually transmitted infection.. If you are not sure on my answer, please search for chlamydia symptoms. Then a simple swab by a doctor or nurse will confirm/ rule out.

    Hope this helps.

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