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Why don't kids play sports other than cricket in Pakistan?

When I was growing up, most kids, if not all, took real pride in their cricket. However, there were plenty of opportunities to play soccer, field hockey, basketball, etc...I know most kids there just get out in the evening and just play gulli cricket but I have always wondered that for a lot of other sports, all you need is the same space that cricket needs, even less, yet kids still just end up playing cricket. All that talk about other sports costing more is untrue as soccer, basketball, volleyball...they all cost about the same for recreational activity as cricket.

I would be interested in your thoughts as I believe competitive sports in a country should be diverse.


Sid: Typical khutri (Indian) creative response. Try to think dear friend....I know it will be difficult for you!

Update 2:

Nero: The same way you are dropped scattered bombs in Iraq and Afg..

If you can't contribute intellectually, stay away.....that won't be too hard, would it?

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    Well my friend First thing is that Sports activities depend upon Media too much now a days. Cricket is the most important sports on national level and is shown on tv channels so it got promoted. You noticed that when FIFA world cup is being shown on many tv channels many kids come out with football for this short period of time.

    Secondly Stadiums(or grounds) , National level status & all these things depend as well. If suppose our baseball team does well you will find it will be promoted in kids as well.

  • Same thing whats happening in Srilanka and India, the reason maybe be the fact that these three cricketing gaints are, obviously, good at only cricket....you don't see any of the three entering a FIFA world cup? Let alone play for a club. Indians are good at hockey, but who in hell chose to watch hockey over cricket? Its the lack of promotion. Plus it remains that cricket is english, and the trio had been under british influence.

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    Yeah when I used to stay in SL each week day we used to play highway cricket from 5-7 and on weekends we can pass out at like 10am and not come back till like 7 and play cricket the full day no food in basic terms water and flavoured ice(a regular in Sri Lanka) highway cricket used to have that's very own stressful circumstances like fielders getting harder diving around on the concrete floor and maximum people who have been courageous sufficient to container interior the interior attain positions had thoughts to tell with each wound of their hands and legs,Bowlers had to get %. without a run up and batsman attempting to not hit the ball into surrounding gardens and forcing them selves to play immediately. We additionally had our very own highway cricket league the place we had tournaments each college holiday a fifteen over tournament a 5 over tournament and a 2 day checks between the two winners in case the comparable team gained the two which befell all in 6 of the 9 tournaments that I performed the runners up of the 15 over tournament will play interior the suitable. gamers additionally bought and acquired for money and different gamers to simulate a real cricket adventure i like highway cricket and that's a disgrace that's not as properly-known here interior the united kingdom

  • i agree with u. the craze about cricket in the sub continent nations sometime annoys me.

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    They play with grenades.

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    They do play other sports~


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