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Tori asked in PetsCats · 1 decade ago

My cat is scared of my chair.?

I just got a new chair for my computer, Its the kind that spins.

He's terrified of the chair!

How can you make a cat stop being scared of a chair?

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    1 decade ago
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    I'm guessing he(?) saw it spin and maybe thought of it as something predatory.

    What I'd do is hold your cat closely in your arms, talking in soft tones and petting

    him/her then walk slowly to the chair, sit down with your cat still in your arms and

    just hold him for awhile, then let the chair slowly turn back and forth and just keep

    talking to him, holding him.

    After awhile he/she will be more curious than scared; then soon after that he/she will

    be leaving hair all over your chair and you will have to move him/her to use your

    computer (like I do!) lol. Truly!

    Source(s): Red-Cross Certified in Dog and Cat First Aid Retired Volunteer/Foster/Adopt-a-Pet-er for Kill Shelter Owned by 9 Beloved Indoor-Only Kill Shelter Felines; 6 with Special Needs >^..^<
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