Which match at WWE Money In the Bank will steal the show,why?

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    RAW's Money in the Bank

    Randy Orton to RKO someone on Top off the Ladder (WM 23)

    Edge to Spear some off the Ladder (WM 17)

    Edge to hit Edgecution off the Ladder

    Evan Bourne to actually go on Top off the Ladder and Hit Shooting Star Press

    John Morrison to hit a Moonsault on Top off the Ladder

    John Morrison to hit Starship Pain off the Ladder

    Chris Jericho to Codebreaker someone off the Ladder

    The Miz to hit Skull Crushing Finale off the Ladder

    R-Truth to jump off the Ladder and hit the Scissors Kick on someone

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  • Raw Money In The Bank Ladder Match.

    The Winner and New "Mr Money In The Bank" John Morrison!

  • 1 decade ago

    raws becuz it has better known people and a lot of former tag teams, and it has a lot of high flyers.

    bourne, morrison, r truth. it also has people who r well known for ladder matches

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