How long should I wait to give him my number?

Theres this guy from church and he plays the drums for the band and he's soo sweet and totally cute. Well I added him on facebook, and I IM'd him asking him if he was the one that played the drums and it was him. We talked for like mayybeee 5 minutes, and he said that he'll let me go (cause we both said that we were about to fall asleep) and I said well I'm getting off so text me if you don't fall asleep, lol. and gave him my number. We've talked a couple of times like in the library and at church, but was this too soon to give him my number?

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    1 decade ago
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    Of course not! Being a guy, when girls give me their numbers it's really a sign of friendship. You had shown that you want to keep in touch and he must have responded in some way. Don't worry. Never can you go "too fast" or "too slow" in a friendship. Just hopefully you two will have a relationship in the future time.

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