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pinic for 2, what do i take?

there will b 2 people, what should i take? i have a small grill & a cooler too!

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    for picnics i always use the

    k.i.s.s. rule keep it simple stupid u dont too much trash or any messy food think hotdogs or bratts...you can choose to cook or use the grill to re heat food that was already cooked ....its two people im sure one a woman and im sure she wont like sitting around while you cook..keep that in mind .. also "grilled chicken" u can make a sandwich and there room to grill veggies they are easy to cook and they are not messy hope this help

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    non food items: cups, plates, napkins, forks, spoons, and knives, stuff to grill with, charcoal, lighter fluid, matchs, table cloth.

    food: pop or water, personally i like bbq chicken wings, or hamburgers are always good, nothing to complicated keep it simple but good.

  • Sawyer
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    I'd take really good deli sandwiches with all the fixins and potato or pasta salad.

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    Chicken and veggies Kabobs.

    Macaroni or potato salad.

    Fruit salad.

    Iced tea or lemonade.


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    Sausages, hamburgers and beer. Yea. Ritts crackers and good cheese also.

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    table cloth, optional chairs

    sunscreen, umbrella

    insect repellent

    wipes, napkins, hand sanitizer

    cups, wine glasses?




    Water, soda, wine (remember*ice)

    garbage bag

    -You may need more! ---Have a great time!!! :)

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    Depends on what u like. Are you wanting it to be romantic? Or are you wanting it to be just fun?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    ribs ham sandwich

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