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I'm trying to write a book based in Rome, Italy?

I live in Northumberland, England and although I am going to Rome next year I have never been before which makes writing about Rome very difficult as you can imagine but it is central to my story and I can't change it.

So, I'm trying to find someone to advise me on it, I was thinking maybe a travel agent based in Rome or something? I need some sort of correspondent who knows Rome fairly well and can give me a rough place of where to set my story and what Italy is like in terms of the people and the culture, the place is perhaps not so important as I won't be taking the whole place literally but would like to base the story in some sort of half-truth if that makes sense?

So, any ideas on whom I could contact? I really can't pay anyone I'm a student and I know this probably limits the amount of people I could ask but I was thinking maybe a travel agent could help? Or perhaps someone from Rome? Of course, there is there language barrier... Anyways, before I start rambling on (or can't stop rather) any ideas are appreciated :)

Thanks in advance!

Charley x

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    I am Italian and live in Abruzzo, 2 hours from Rome and have been in Rome several times. I have studied Latin language and literature for 5 years (same for old Greek) and have a passion for writing (I have just written a short story based in Bisantium, eh eh). It's always nice to find people who share our same hobbies. I also study foreign languages (English and German).

    So, if I can help you, I would be very glad to help you. Contact me via e-mail or tell me what you need. At home I have several maps of old Rome city (imperial city). I also have maps and descriptions of the most important Roman towns, like Treviri, Lutetia, Augusta, Ercolano.

    Waiting for having news.

    Ciao ciao! ^^

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