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Has anyone under 21 stayed at the MGM Grand recently?

I have been told that the MGM Grand takes 18+ guests but cannot find their check-in age policy on their website and haven't received an email back from them yet and I found a really good deal on a room I would like to book. Thanks for your help!

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    Las Vegas hotels that will not allow guests under 21 to book or check-in will state that fact during the booking process. You won't miss the disclaimer,

    If you find a deal at MGM Grand, book it right away. You can always cancel and get a full refund as long as you do it 48 hours before your arrival date.


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    They are one of the few that allow 18+ to check in. They use to have it in their terms of service but since they started charging the resort fee, they feel it necessary to inform of that instead of the other terms. Best to call to ease your mind.

    Hotels in Vegas that allow 18+ to check in are:

    MGM Grand

    LV Hilton

    Golden Nugget




    Vegas Club

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    You aren't going to get an email response. Just call them. 877-880-0880

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