I'm buying replacement subwoofers..?

I wired my band up to a mixer, from the mixer to an ancient amp, and from the amp to some ancient speaker cabinets. However, the subwoofers weren't exactly ready for this volumes we were rehearsing at, and we blew them out. On the back of the woofers, it says that the impedance is 8 ohms and the max voltage is 70 watts. The amp has a 220 watt power supply and 8-16 ohms for the speaker impedance. My guess is that we blew out the subwoofers because the 220 watt power supply is greater than the 70 watts the subwoofers could take. Is this correct? If so, would buying replacement subwoofers with a recommended wattage greater than 220 assure that we won't blow them out again? Looking at a cheap solution, I'm probably going to go for this (http://www.allaudioexpo.com/nav/details.asp?itemid... set if my assumptions are correct. Am I set to go ahead and purchase these replacements? If not, please correct me!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    If you are playing guitar through them, get specific speakers for guitar. Normal speakers cannot stand the heat generated in the voice coils by guitars, and that is why home speakers are not a good mix for guitar. My friend found this out the hard way by blowing some very fine speakers (that were within the amp's power range.)

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