Would this get me arrested?

Well, apparently it is perfectly OK for a couple individuals to stand outside of polling places wearing Black Panther uniforms carrying clubs. So, if I were to make some KKK robes and stand outside of a polling place carrying clubs or a noose, do you think I would be arrested or prosecuted for it?

BTW, I am NOT white, I am 100% native amerind. They may get a shock when they pull my hood off and discover I am not even a white boy.


I do not think Free Speech extends to voter intimidation. Further, I recall accusations of voter intimidation a few years ago sparked not by people wearing racist uniforms.. but merely wearing police uniforms, near polling places.

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    You can be arrested for this.

    Your right to free speech is limited by what is called the "Fighting Words Doctrine". Basically, that can be summarized to say that if your words or expressions would make a reasonable person want to fight you, then you cannot say them, at least in public.

    Should you actually survive the incident, you would probably be arrested for Disturbing the Peace.

    Source(s): Law Enforcement 3+ years
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    Unless you were overtly threatening someone, I don't believe so...or a judge would quickly dismiss it. Just standing there to me is not voter intimidation.

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    Of course not. You may get beaten up, but wearing a KKK robe is not a crime.

    If you do get arrested, you have a very easy lawsuit to win.

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    They can not arrest you - unless you encite a riot while doing so - and there is a good chance that could actually happen.

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    well thats a good one, were i *** from if you stand outside a psni station with hoods up they would probly *** out and **** you up but dont know about you lads, try it and see what happens for the fun

  • No. Because most cops are racist pigs, and would probably bribe you to continue your voter intimidation activities.

    Source(s): "Some of those who run forces, are the same that burn crosses" - RATM
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    No you wouldn't be arrested. Freedom of expression.

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