boyfriend confusion.. please help? :(?

So i've been dating my boyfriend, lets call him Mark, for 7 months. Thrugh out our relationship though at random times, I always think of my ex boyfriend, lets call him Derek. The other day, me and derek saw eachother at a bon fire, and my boyfriend was at home. During the bon fire, me and derek were very close, and hugged very often and were always together. We exchanged feelings and thoughts about how we feel towards eachother, and we both said the same thing - we miss eachother a lot, and our new bf/gfs are basically rebounds. We would both go back out with eachother in a heart beat, and many more.

The next day just to be sure he ment everything he was saying, i texted him and he said "No but honestly i ment everything I said last night", and now I'm extremly confused. I have never cheated on any of my boyfriends before, but i still felt extremly disapointed in myself and i had to tell Mark what happened the previous night. Mark said he was very upset, and doesn't deserve this. And i dont blame him one bit, i am being very unfair.... he is awesome and does a lot for me, so why do i feel like this??

I am in a pickle you see, I'm not sure whether or not to break up with Mark, and try things with Derek again (he has a girlfriend but it isn't going too hot either), or do i keep feeling the way i do now?

Thanks :)

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    I can only think of an old proverb that sounds something like this:

    - Don't leave the bird you're holding in your hand for the one you see in a tree (hope it makes sense in English :))

    I'm sure you got the meaning, so really, why would you let your actual bf go away? For what? another one you already broke up with? Just try to remember why you broke up in the first place. it will probably repeat the next time, for the same reason(s)

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    If you love derek than go for it. You said you would date him again in a heartbeat so that means no hesitation. You are sorry that you will be hurting Mark's feelings but who makes you happy the most?

    If you can't decide I think you should stay single for a while.

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    First i would examine the reasons why you two broke up in the first place...then decide if those issues are resolved or either of u are over them. But the number one thing is to be honest w/ ur self and the one ur with...and decide witch one of them u wanna b with's only fair to all of you, so theres no feelings hurt!!

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    take some time out to think... go on a holidays by yourself to a spa or somthing to clear your head and then hopfully u will no the right way to go

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    Ignore your head and follow your heart. =]

  • 1 decade ago

    noo stay with the one you're with now. or you will regret it.

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