Blood python vs bull snake (first time reptile owner)?

i've loved reptiles ever since i was a wee child. I know a good amount about reptiles ( i loved watching the crocodile hunter since i was little) and i've always wanted one. I would devote a large part of my life to the snake and do watever is necessary for it. I've heard that both are not really starter snakes lol, but i think i can still take care of either one. I'm a wrestler for my high school, so that has helped me mature into becoming a man and i think i can take care of it like an adult. BTW, im 15


i've had a siamese fighting fish for 4 years, and that was after this guy said it would die soon becuase it went through the stolen items detector at Wal-Mart

oh and BTW, bull snake vs blood would be an epic battle lol

Update 2:

also where i live (Texas) u need a liscense to own bull snakes, so if u can please tell me what i need to get a liscense to own a bull snake

Update 3:

@ aadil: im not getting a ball python. those are for wimps

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    Who told you that you need a license? I live in Texas. You need a non game permit only if you own 15 or more native species of snakes or other nongame animals. I have one, but you don't need one for just one bull snake. You would need a non game dealer's permit to sell them, however. Between blood pythons and bull snakes (I have a few of each), bull snakes are much easier to care for. Bloods require a higher humidity than most other snakes and can be a little moody when they are younger.

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    I've owned many snakes in the last 15 years. Red tails, Ball Pythons, Corns, Kings, Milks, other Boas and i have to tell you. The Blood Python is my favorite of all time. I LOVE my Blood. She is the sweetest most docile snake i have ever owned. Never hissed or struck at me. She is very calm and well mannered and very tolerant of my handling...

    The jackass that said bloods are aggressive is an idiot. That's like saying all Pit Bulls are killers. So not true!

    But you should be prepared because this snake gets LARGE. Only about 5-6 feet long but VERY fat! That's what attracted me to them in the first place. The girth of these snakes is impressive...

    I would go with the Blood. But only if you have some experience with snakes as they are a little more for the intermediate to advanced keeper...

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    Look - I know I've gotten the wrong end of the stick BUT

    Blood python vs bull snake sounds like an EPIC battle.

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    you should get a ball python and none of the ones you listed a ball python is much Better,if you rally want one than get the blood python but befor you get a blood python or a bull snake look up some videos on youtube and see how aggressive they are

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    Personally, if I were in your situation, I would get a red-tailed boa, ball pythons are great pets, but it sounds like you want more of a challenge. If you're worries are about size, go with the ball python, they only get to about 4-5 ft. but also have a great fat girth like the blood's but red-tailed boas get up to 9 ft. and have a moderate size width.

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